Ornamental tree and shrub care

Protect your trees and shrubs from insects


Your trees and shrubs represent a very large part of your investment in your landscape. They are a source of pride for homeowners and commercial property owners. They are also some of the more neglected items in your landscape. When we are at your property caring for your lawn, we also inspect your trees and shrubs. We will always point out problems that we see but the proper way to care for your trees and shrubs is with a pre-emptive approach. I can outline a very basic program that will address a majority of the issues your trees and shrubs will see and append the program for any specific issues we see.

A Basic program would include:

  • Spring fertilizer (soil drench or injected)
  • 3-4 applications of Insect and disease control
  • Fall dormant oil (spring if it’s a fruit tree)
  • Anti-dessicant application to evergreens in the late fall


Gypsy Moths

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