The Organic Alternative

Organic lawn programs designed for you.


Thick, lush, green lawns are possible through an organic program and Green Grass Lawn Care can tailor an organic lawn care program to fit your needs. Our organic fertilizers are solely derived from animal and vegetable sources including composted animal and fish by-products, manures, seaweeds, legumes, bone meals, rock potash and more.

Our organic fertilizers give your soil more microbial activity, higher nutrient retention and improved water holding capacity. Our organic insect controls are natural plant defense extracts that are concentrated to control many common insect pests.

Our Healthy Lawn Organic Program:

  • Early Spring- Eccosential 4-6-4 Soil Builder
  • Late Spring- Corn Gluten Meal (Crabgrass Control)
  • Summer- Eccosential 16-2-6 with organic insect control
  • Summer #2- Corn Gluten Meal (Crabgrass Control) w/organic insect contro
  • Late Summer- Eccosential 4-6-4 Soil Builder
  • Autumn- Eccosential 4-6-4 Soil Builder
    Optional Treatments
  • Compost tea: The goodness of compost in a sprayable liquid.
  • Milky Spore: Yearly application for grub control.
  • Aeration: Reduces the bulk density of the soil, allowing more air and water to filter into the soil profile.
  • Overseeding: Broad overseeding of the lawn to thicken up weak stands of grass.
  • Vegetation Control: Control unwanted weeds in beds, patios, and walks. A good add-on to any lawn program.
  • Tree and Shrub Care: Complete fertilizer and insect control programs for your trees and shrubs